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ParaTransit FAQ

What is the difference between Paratransit Service and Fixed Route Service?

Paratransit is specialized bus service providing curb to curb transportation for persons whose disability prevents them from riding local fixed route buses.

Fixed Route Service is the traditional public transit bus service with which many people are most familiar. MET's fixed route service operates 11 routes within the cities of Waterloo, Cedar Falls and limited areas in Evansdale. Operating hours for MET's fixed route service are Monday through Friday from 5:45 AM to 6:45 PM and on Saturday from 6:45 AM to 5:45 PM.

Who can Ride Paratransit?

People who are certified eligible under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) may ride.

How do I get ADA eligibility?

Upon request, MET will send you an application for ADA eligibility. Complete the application and return it to us. Your eligibility status will be verified within 21 days.

When is Paratransit available?

MET operates Monday through Friday from 5:45 AM to 6:45 PM and on Saturday from 6:45 AM to 5:45 PM. 

How much does it cost?

MET fare is $3.00 one way. Tickets are sold individually or in sheets of ten for $30.00 (rates effective 7-1-01). Tickets can be purchased through the mail or from your driver.

How do I schedule my rides?

Call and request your ride 1 to 14 days before your desired trip. Office hours are:

  • Weekdays………………….....8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
  • Saturdays & Holidays..….…...8:45 AM to 4:45 PM

What information do I need to provide when scheduling a trip?

  • Your name and phone number
  • Complete pick-up address
  • Complete drop-off address
  • Doctor's or other appointment's name, suite #, etc.
  • Desired pickup time or appointment time & date of trip
  • Special directions
  • Special equipment used
  • Attendant or guest
  • Return time

Special Notes

  • Drivers may not enter residences, businesses or nursing homes.
  • Customers may not change drop-off address after they board the MET bus.
  • If you need to cancel your trip, you need to do so at least 60 minutes before your pickup time or you will be marked as a "no show". See Changes - Cancelation section of your handbook for MET's policy on cancellations and no-shows.
  • Personal care attendants can always ride at no charge. Companions traveling with you will be accommodated on a space availability basis at the same fare as the eligible rider. Let MET dispatch know if you are bringing anyone.
  • Please be ready 10 minutes before your scheduled ride time. If the MET Bus arrives and you are not ready, the driver will wait 5 minutes and then leave without you. The driver is considered "on time" if the MET Bus arrives 10 minutes before or 10 minutes after your scheduled ride time.
  • Please show consideration for fellow customers. Board the bus promptly when it arrives at your location. Others also have appointment times and schedules to maintain.