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   Met Transit Route Restructuring Plan For Waterloo



If you have any questions or comments on these proposed routes in Waterloo please send them to . Below are the proposed routes, please click on the route you would like to see:

Route 1 

Route 2

Route 3

Route 4

Route 5

Route 8

Route 10




MET Transit is currently seeking a qualified full-time diesel mechanic. Excellent benefits package with a wage starting up to $25.43 per hour based on qualifications and experience. Applicants must be able to pass a pre-employment drug screen, physical and back ground check. Applications are available at MET Transit, 1515 Black Hawk Street, Waterloo, IA or on the website at



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We will be using a new Facebook page: . We will no longer be usin the older version of our Facebook page so please go to this link and Like US!! We will Be post ing updates and other things on this FB page!!


To Fill out and application go to the About Us tab above and go to Met Job Application or click HERE.


MET Transit bus service is open to the general public. We are committed to provide public transportation services without regard to race, color, national origin, age, sex or disability.

MET Mission:

To provide the highest level of service possible and to assure that transit plays an important role in contributing to the overall quality of life in the metro area.


MET Transit wants your input. The following survey was developed to gather information from our passengers for a system wide route restructuring project. The plan is to adjust the routes that will create more frequency, less travel time and most importantly better service for our riders. Please take a couple of minutes to complete this survey and return it to the bus driver or the Central Transfer building. The survey can also be downloaded on MET’s website at if you have any questions or comments, please email David Sturch at Thank you for your participation. SURVEY

PHONE (319) 234-5714
FAX (319) 234-6809

The survey can be mailed to the above address, emailed to David Sturch at or Cory Ernst at


Attention Fixed Route And ParaTransit Riders:

Masks must be worn properly at ALL times on the bus! Otherwise you will be asked to leave the bus with a possible suspension. Covering your face with your shirt is not a mask! Your mask must come to the middle of your nose and come below the chin. This is a tough time for all, and we are trying to do our part to keep passengers and drivers safe! There are signs and diagrams on the bus showing how to properly wearing of the mask.

Thank you.


To review MET Board Agenda or Minutes please click on this LINK or go to the About Us tab above and go to the page from there.


A message to all our passengers:

Due to our daily Covid-19 cases and our increase in ridership, social distancing on our buses are unrealistic. Therefore, beginning on August 10th all passengers on fixed route buses will be required to wear a facial mask. Notice has been posted on all buses and our drivers will supply masks for those who don’t have one. After MET supplies a mask for you to use, we ask that you bring your own mask on future rides. The mask must be worn at all times on the bus. The mask must fit over the nose and below the chin.

This initiative goes along with the city’s policy of wearing masks in public buildings; the increase in the number of private businesses that require mask on their customers; and also in anticipation with the start of the new school year. MET Transit follows other transit agencies in the state to require masks on all passengers while riding the fixed route service. Our goal is to work and assist our passengers to conform to this new policy in order to fight this global pandemic we are all experiencing.

-Cory Ernst Fixed Route Operations Manager
-David Sturch General Manager


Currently MET is operating both our regular Fixed Route and Paratransit service as normal. Our service is important so that healthcare workers, first responders or anyone else conducting essential business or needing essential services can get to their destination.

While everyone continues through these unprecedented times, we ask that you respect our drivers and passengers to observe social distancing while on the bus and wear a mask, to protect yourself and others by not spreading this virus. MET has taken appropriate precautions to protect our employees and customers by cleaning and disinfecting the buses more frequently, installing barriers for our drivers and restricting the seating capacity on the bus.

If you must ride the bus for your essential trip, please wash or sanitize your hands before and after your ride. If the driver offers you a mask to wear, please accept it and stay healthy. We are all in this together. Thank you. - David Sturch, General Manager Metropolitan Transit Authority.


The MET front office is currently closed at this time. Sorry for the inconvenience. If you have any questions, feel free to call 234-5714.

Corona Virus/ COVID-19
MET Transit is currently following the recommendations of the Black Hawk County Health Department.
We will post any updates as we recieve them.  

For more information:



MET Route Alerts

Route 10 HCC (3/19/2020)

June 11th 2020 Route 10 HCC will be returning!!

Ongoing reconstruction on University Ave. in Cedar Falls and Waterloo (3/31/2018)

University Ave will remain open to traffic and the traffic patterns will be adjusted as needed in both cities.  Please keep in mind that Routes 6 CF/University and 7 CF/Rainbow will have to make adjustments as necessary concerning stop locations.  The buses cannot stop in unsafe locations.  Please consult with your drivers regularly for updated information..