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How to Use the Real-Time Map

Smartphone IconIs your bus running on time today?  Did you already miss it?    Now you can easily tell on your smartphone or computer with MET's new Real-Time Map service! 


The web-based map is accessible via the web browser on any web-connected device.   Just click "Real-Time Map" in the MET Transit website's top menu bar, or visit the site directly at  :

Menu Bar Image


Once you click on the link, you'll see a list of all MET Transit bus routes:

MET Route Image


Click on the route you wish to ride on, and a map will appear showing bus's current location (updated every five seconds).   Note: If you don't see a green or red circle icon on the map, then the route is currently inactive. 

The map will show:

  • Black Lines with Arrows:  The full bus route and the direction of bus travel.
  • Green Circle With Arrow:   The bus is moving in the direction shown by the arrow
  • Red Circle With Arrow:  The bus is currently stopped.
  • Orange Circle:  A major bus stop (click the circle to view the full schedule for that stop)

Keep in mind, you can flag down a bus to pick you up anywhere along the route, not just at the major stops!

GTFS Information:

Use the following text for our GTFS data on the How to Use the Real-Time Map page:

Click here to access MET Transit's GTFS feed in a compressed zipped folder. GTFS stands for General Transit Feed Specification, and it defines a common format for public transportation schedules and associated geographic information. MET Transit provides resources to software developers, to promote accessibility and use of transit information and services.

MET Transit is continually seeking to improve our rider experience, and hope you find this new service as useful as other cities' riders have.    We'd love to hear how this service is helping you travel the Cedar Valley!    Just drop us a line through Facebook or

See you on the bus!

Your friends at Met Transit