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New Bus Stops on University Ave

Posted on Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017

Effective August 28th Routes 6 CF/University & 7 CF/Rainbow will be using the new bus stops on University Ave in front of College Square and Black Hawk Village.  The Routes will no longer be pulling up to the HyVee.  Passengers can still board at the stop signs at Valley Park Rd in between HyVee and Slumberland at approx. :20 after for Route 7 and :36 after for Route 6.  The time points for Route 7 CF/Rainbow/Yellow will be :23 for College Square (on University) and :25 for Black Hawk Village (on University). The stop on Route 6 CF/University at Holiday Plaza (on University) will be at :35. 

Route 6 CF / University (Yellow)
Route 7 CF / Rainbow (Yellow)